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Create gift vouchers, multiPass vouchers and subscriptions easily. 
If online payment is purchased, customers can print the vouchers themselves. 


The voucher add-on at GECKO Booking costs 0 EUR for the installation and has a rental fee of 13 EUR exclusive of VAT per month. The voucher add-on requires that GECKO Booking's standard system has been purchased, or can be added to ypur existing GECKO Booking solution. If you wish to rent the voucher add-on without the standard system this is possible via our stand-alone solution at 26 EUR exclusive of VAT per month. 


Included in the voucher add-on is: 
  • Sale of vouchers and other items from your webpage
  • Ability to create and sell four types of vouchers: Gift vouchers, MultiPass vouchers, discount vouchers and subscriptions
  • Option of self-print vouchers that are automatically e-mailed to the customer
  • Easy management of your vouchers
  • Direct connection to GECKO Booking and full integration with the cash register add-on - vouchers can be used as a payment method in the cash register system
  • The sales price of vouchers and any non-redeemed vouchers go 100% to you
  • Option of integration with online payment, read more here