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Create questionnaires that your customers can fill out. With the option of PDF reports.

The Questionnaire Add-on at GECKO Booking costs 0 EUR for the installation and has a rental fee of 13 EUR exclusive of VAT per month.
The Questionnaire Add-on requires that GECKO Booking's standard system has been purchased, or can be added to your existing GECKO Booking solution.


Included in the Questionnaire Add-on: 
  • Option of creating questionnaire surveys

  • Option of creating consultation cards, which is a form that must be filled out immediately after a booking has been completed (i.e. before the service is performed). The form can therefore be used to ask questions to help you prepare for the actual booking

  • Direct connection to GECKO Booking

  • Option of creating PDF reports that can be printed or e-mailed to the customer

  • Option of creating satisfaction surveys, which is a form that is filled out after a service has been performed. The form can be used for calculating the customer's average satisfaction