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All the features you could wish for


GECKO Booking offers a wide variety of features. Combined, they provide you with one of the most user-friendly and flexible booking systems on the market. 

Multiple opportunities

GECKO Booking’s system provides you with multiple opportunities to ease your administration and at the same time experience GECKO Booking’s great design. In the system you will be able to choose between daily, - weekly- or monthly view. Here, you can manually create bookings directly in your calendar as well as moving these bookings around – all this is done quick and easy with just a few clicks. 

Feature list

Here, you will find all the features included in the GECKO Booking standard system.
If you want additional features we have a number of add-ons


 General features

Easy booking Personalised layout
The booking system is easy to use - both for you and your customers. In fact, the booking system is so easy to use that your customers can book an appointment online in five easy steps. You can edit almost all texts, font colours and types in the booking system. GECKO Booking can thereby be tailored to match your needs. 
Automatic reminders Calendar view
You can send automatic reminders of a booked appointment by e-mail and/or SMS to your customers. You determine how many hours before the booked appointment the reminder should be send. Automatic confirmation of bookings is also possible.  You can view all of your booked appointments in a clear and easy calender view. You can choose between a monthly, weekly - or daily view. 

 Various booking types

Booking of services  Class Bookings 
You can create the services you want your customers to be able to book. You have the option of editing a number of settings for each service, and the services can be diverse in different customer groups. The booking system can also be used for class and course bookings, where multiple customers should be able to sign up for the same service at the same time. Additionally, you can create an automatic waiting list for the class so your chances of having a full class are optimised.
Multi calendar booking  Booking of premises
You can also use the system to create multi calendar bookings. When you create such a booking, you book two or more appointments in two or more calendars at the same time. You yourself choose in which calendar one of the bookings should be placed, and then the system places the other appointment in another available calendar.  The booking system can also be used for booking of premises, e.g. a meeting room. It is possible to create a service without a predetermined time, i.e. the customer can determine how long she/he wants to book the service for.
Booking of resources  
The booking system enables you to easily keep track of your resources, e.g. the projector or the company car. The resource can be booked automatically along with the customer's booking so that it is ensured that the resource in question is available.  

 Easy to use

Customer groups Quick book
You have the option to create multiple customer groups so that different types of customers can be kept separate from each other in your booking system. It is possible to create services, working hours, etc., separate for each customer group. This can e.g. be used if you offer corporate customer agreements. In addition to customers being able to book appointments online, you also have the option to book appointments manually for your customers. This is done using the quick book feature. Furthermore, you can book appointments directly in the calendar via our advanced 2.1 calendar. Your bookings are then created easily with only one single click.   
iCal support Statistics
You can view your GECKO Booking calendar on your mobile or in a calendar program that supports the iCal format. You can thereby easily get an overview of all your calendars. You can easily view statistics of the bookings in your system. 

 Setting options

Booking settings Login restrictions
You determine how many days into the future as well as how close to today's date your customers are allowed to book appointments online. Additionally, you choose when your customers are allowed to cancel booked appointments online. You can thereby tailor the booking system to your needs. You have the option of creating logins for your employees. You can thereby determine, which parts of the booking system each employee should have access to.
Extra spaces 5 calendars 
You can create extra spaces that the customer must fill out when (s)he books an appointment. You can thereby obtain additional information about the customer that is relevant for your company. 5 calendars are included in the standard system. You can create separate working hours in these calendars that determine when customers can book appointments. 
If you need more than 5 calendars, this can be purchased.
Do you need more features?

If you need more features
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